Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CIA partners with institutions in Catalonia

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) has partnered with the Alícia Foundation and Prodeca, both based in Catalonia, Spain, to facilitate an exchange of culinary faculty, students and experts.

El Bulli chef Ferran Adrià (second from left), CIA president Tim Ryan (second from right) and Spanish chef José Andrés (far right), toasting with Catalonian officials

The agreement, signed March 25, will allow CIA faculty and students to study at the Alícia Foundation, a research center devoted to the technological innovation in cooking. Additionally, visiting CIA students and faculty will be able to experience first-hand the top kitchens, markets and producers of Catalan food and wine. The agreement also will fund a 2009-2010 program series of visiting guest chefs and other leaders in Catalan gastronomy at the New York and California campuses of the CIA. For more information, visit www.worldsofflavorspain.com.

(Photo courtesy of the CIA/Keith Ferris)