Friday, February 11, 2011

Chefs of Tomorrow call-for-entries in Chicago grant program

The Chefs of Tomorrow™ grants, which began in 2008 and will total $20,000 over five years in recognition of Olson Communications’ 20th year of operations, will award $1,500 each to a high-school and college instructor annually through 2012. Additional grants will be made to local community-based programs that endeavor to alleviate hunger through education on food and nutrition.

Olson Communications has awarded several teachers to date and contributed to select community programs around the city. 2010 winner Laurette Stefani, chef/instructor at Robert Morris University’s Chicago campus, enjoyed an educational immersion in northern California foodways that included visits to Napa Valley growers, vintners and cheesemakers; farmers’ markets and cooperatives; and some of the nation’s highest-rated restaurants.

Through Olson Communications’ Chefs of Tomorrow™ grant program, foodservice instructors at Chicago-based schools may apply the grant toward such activities as conducting research for a book or master’s thesis, attending a hands-on workshop, embarking on a culinary tour abroad, or learning how to use computer applications more effectively in education delivery. In all cases, the professional-development activity must ultimately benefit student learning.

All who teach culinary, pastry and baking arts at accredited degree- or certificate-granting high schools and postsecondary schools (public and private) within Chicago’s city limits are eligible to apply for a Chefs of Tomorrow™ grant. Deadline to submit applications and supporting documents for 2011 is March 21, with awards announced in May. For an application or more information, contact Olson Communications at (312) 280-4573 or