Monday, August 16, 2010

Sullivan University awards scholarship to Salvation Army culinary grad

On Aug. 5, Sullivan University awarded a scholarship to Jackson Hodges, a graduate of the Salvation Army Culinary Training Program program in Louisville, Ky.

Hodges, the current sous chef at K.C.'s Sunday Best in Louisville, received a full scholarship by Sullivan University chancellor Dr. A.R. Sullivan to Sullivan's National Center For Hospitality Studies (NCHS), where he will pursue an associate degree in the Culinary Arts Program. The scholarship, valued at more than $46,000, includes tuition, assistance in obtaining a Pell Grant to cover personal expenses, mentoring by Sullivan University chef-instructors and lifetime employment assistance through the University's Career Services department.

(l to r) Jackson Hodges is awarded the Sullivan University scholarship from Sullivan chancellor A.R. Sullivan

"We were looking for a candidate who not only excelled within the program, but also someone who used their newfound culinary skills in a positive way after they graduated," said in a statement Sullivan University chef-instructor Sam Mudd, who was part of the group that selected Hodges for the scholarship. "Jackson started his first restaurant job as a line cook and was promoted to sous chef within nine months. We're excited to work with him at Sullivan University and help him reach the next level of his promising career."