Monday, August 3, 2009

Kendall student wins $500 in dessert buffet competition

In the second competition sponsored by American Metalcraft, the School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College awarded first place to Avril Blayney and second place to Hannah Vaughn for their plated dessert presentations.

(l to r) Kendall College students Hannah Vaughn, second place winner, and Avril Blayney, first place winner, show off their entries in the American Metalcraft dessert buffet competition.

The competition, in which 14 students participated, required the students to design and plate bite-sized desserts on a variety of American Metalcraft stainless steel, glass and porcelain plates and platters. Students had one hour to complete their presentations and were judged on balance, color, height, layout on the platter, creativity and movement. Blayney received a $500 check from American Metalcraft for her confectionery entry on a white porcelain platter. Vaughn received $200 for her dessert presentation on a glass pedestal platter.