Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sullivan University's Spendlove to lead national commission on culinary certification

Derek Spendlove (pictured, left), CEPC, CCE, AAC, baking and pastry arts chair for the National Center for Hospitality Studies (NCHS) at Sullivan University, Louisville, Ky., has been named chair of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Certification Commission and will assume the position's responsibilities Jan. 15, 2010. Spendlove will replace current Chair Karl J. Guggenmos, AAC, university dean of culinary education at Johnson & Wales University, Providence, R.I., who will remain on the commission as past chair.

Spendlove, in his role as ACF Certification Commission chair, is responsible for upholding the standards of the most comprehensive certification program for chefs in the United States. Certification through the ACF is based on education, experience and completion of official coursework and exams. ACF certification credentials distinguish culinary professionals as leaders in the culinary field, and demonstrate skill and expertise to peers and potential employers.

Since its inception in 2007, the ACF Certification Commission has been developing, implementing and monitoring a validated process of globally recognized certifications based on skills, knowledge, integrity and equality through an achievable process for all culinary professionals. The Commission was formed in order to meet the National Commission for Certifying Agencies accreditation standards to obtain certification from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

The Certification Commission is comprised of 20 professionals with experience in culinary, media, marketing, management, education and government. Commission members represent many different levels of ACF certificants, including certified culinarian (CC), certified sous chef (CSC), certified chef de cuisine (CCC), certified executive chef (CEC), certified executive pastry chef (CEPC), certified culinary educator (CCE), certified culinary administrator (CCA) and certified master chef (CMC). For more information, visit