Thursday, August 27, 2009

Web site educates about Omega-3s

A Purdue University-based international consortium has launched a Web site dedicated to educating the public, physicians and veterinarians about the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. The Web site,, answers simple questions about what Omega-3s do, where to find them in food and pet food products and how to ensure a person is getting the right type of Omega-3s. The Web site also provides fact sheets and handouts for doctors and veterinarians to give to their patients.

"People have heard of Omega-3s, but they don't understand what Omega-3s are, the types of Omega-3s in food and how to use them for better health," said Bruce Watkins, Purdue professor of nutrition and director of the International Omega-3 Learning and Education Consortium for Health and Medicine, in a press statement. "There are different types of Omega-3s needed throughout the lifetime. We're trying to help consumers with information that will help them make good decisions throughout their lives."

Newsletters for doctors, veterinarians and consumers will go out every other month and can be received by signing up on the site.